Umm, unlikely I think

Michael Howard was last night at the centre of extraordinary claims by a drugs baron who alleges that he paid a £400,000 \’bribe\’ to the former Home Secretary.

Career criminal John Haase told a Labour MP that he was released from prison early after making the payment via one of Mr Howard\’s relatives.

No, that\’s just one I\’d dismiss out of hand. Howard isn\’t exactly my favourite politician but I\’d never accuse him of being that insanely stupid.

4 thoughts on “Umm, unlikely I think”

  1. That’s what happens when you write a letter to the FSA asking who is going to be investigated for leaking price sensitive information to pesto

  2. This is a bogus one; Michael Howard will never be involved in this type of thing; he is a man of honour…Never, he will not be involved, l can swear my life for this!

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