Which prejudice?

Which way should it break?

A black man or a white woman?

Umm, didn\’t we just see the Americans trying this question out?

3 thoughts on “Which prejudice?”

  1. Rather disappointing to see most of the comments in the telegraph saying Hamilton doesn’t deserve it because he is a tax exile.

    You’d expect their readers to be complaining about our high tax rates and how it’s driving the wealthy and talented out of the country.

    I expect that’s what you get when the broadsheets start dumbing down. They get a different class of reader.

  2. I was really upset by this article. It totally misrepresents what Adlington said and at least one supposed-quotation “I should be sports personality” is probably libellous.

    The comments are pretty bad as well, showing most just read the title, not the text. CiF gets a better class of comments than the Telegraph, even though I prefer the latter as a paper.

    Have you noticed that the BNP seem to consistently cut’n’paste their articles into the Telegraph’s comment threads with tinyurl links to disguise the source?

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