Woolies vouchers

Umm, not sure the readers here are precisely Woolies target market but still.

Go here, print out the voucer and get money off everything at Woolies.

Heck, why not?

4 thoughts on “Woolies vouchers”

  1. Can we buy woolies for 90p now then?

    Presumably the ‘friends and family’ bit is Threshers Mark II, but I guess 10% is 10%.

  2. In the summer of 1951, I was hitch-hiking around the country. For several days, I was in the vicinity of Tucson, AZ and, walking down a city street one day, saw a sign in a Woolworth’s:

    39 cents BREAKFAST 39 cents
    2 eggs—any style
    buttered toast

    That was a bargain; such a breakfast would have normally been about 60 cents, even a bit more.

    I went in, took a seat at the (crowded) counter, and ordered the “39-cent special.”

    While waiting, I watched the cook making many such breakfasts. Again and again, I saw her crack but a single egg into the small pans she was using. It was obvious: they were using “double-yolkers!”

    When I was served, I explained my observation to the waitress–rather quietly. She explained to me, “It really is two eggs—they just come in one shell.” I told her: “Then the box of a dozen double-yolkers should say ’24 eggs,’ shouldn’t it?”

    She said, “Excuse me a minute,” and walked away. When she returned, she’d brought another order, including toast. I suppose she was somewhat grateful that I hadn’t alerted the other patrons to the dodge.

    As a side note, on the outskirts of town was a large roadside produce stand. Superb large cantelopes were “5 cents, 6 for a quarter.” I asked the guy whether I could pay for 6, store them in the Coca-Cola cooler, and come back for them time to time. He said “Sure,” and that’s what I did. The “good ol’ days” really were!

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