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Yes, why not Mr. Kilroy-Silk?

Mr. E has another of his excellent little ideas.

Be that as it may, Kilroy will be raking in well north of £3,500 in the three weeks he is in Oz, and I\’d be mildly surprised if Ant and Dec plan to deliver a box file full of constituency correspondence to the camp every morning. When Gorgeous went into the celebrity Big Brother House (see Eugenides passim) he was, at least, forced to forgo his House of Commons salary for the duration of his stay. Kilroy should have to do the same.

2 thoughts on “Yes, why not Mr. Kilroy-Silk?”

  1. To be fair, back in 2004 Robert Kilroy Silk did say that he saw little point in going to the Parliament.

    In which he was probably right. Even though as a Ukipper I ought to be miffed about him flouncing off, well, it serves us right for having had him as a candidate.

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