I know, I know, we\’re used to all that trope about how some want to ban Christmas. But I have to admit I\’d not known that it was actually compulsory.

Three young girls were found home alone and apparently abandoned on Christmas Eve, it emerged yesterday. The youngsters had been left with no presents to open and no tree to cheer them up.

While police officers tracked down and arrested their mother on suspicion of neglect, their colleagues organised a whip-round and dashed to the shops before they closed for Christmas to buy some last minute gifts for the girls.

The incident happened in Gorton – the tough district of South Manchester which originally formed the backdrop of the Channel 4 comedy series Shameless.

Yesterday, after the sisters – all aged under ten – were placed into care, the police support staff spoke of their heartbreak at learning the girls had faced missing out on Christmas.


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  1. Brought a tear to my glass eye…

    Maybe I can get my local police ‘service’ to organise a whip round so my two kids can get some Xmas presents? I work full time for the NHS and all I could afford to get my sons this year was a dvd each. Maybe I should go on the sick, father another nine or ten kids and watch the money roll right in?

  2. Good grief. Back off guys. Why, by sneering at this, reinforce the myth that people are essentially selfish and will only do “good” under compulsion? The parent may be trash, but perhaps one day the memory of this kind act may prompt these unfortunate children to decide on a different path?

  3. I only discovered this morning that it was illegal to be drunk in charge of a child. Fortunately I won’t be having children, so my ability to drink will remain unimpaired.

  4. The Mail story implies that the girls were taken into care because the mother didn’t buy them Xmas presents, have an Xmas tree, etc?

    I’m assuming this isn’t the case, but rather the mother was also not feeding / spending time with / looking after / washing / etc the kids. However, that’s not how the article reads.

    And yes, the coppers’ whip-round is rather sweet.

  5. The mother was irresponsible leaving 3 children under 10 alone. Good for the rozzers having a whip round and buying a few presents. It was a nice, selfless gesture.

  6. I’m with Nick Ashley on this (though I do wonder whether it is some sort of spoof or joke).

    A society is weirdly wrong: that cares more whether children get presents at the usual festivals/anniversaries than whether they are safely looked after.

    And the lack of presents does seem to be the emphasis of the newspaper article.

    Best regards

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