Climate change

A third miserable summer in parts of the UK could spell disaster for many species of insects, birdlife and mammals, the National Trust warns today.

The charity says three wet summers in a row in many regions could mean that creatures – ranging from craneflies (often called daddy-long-legs) to species of butterflies, members of the tit family, puffins and bats – may struggle to survive in some places.

Matthew Oates, a nature conservation adviser for the trust, said: "After two very poor years in a row we desperately need a good summer in 2009 – otherwise it\’s going to look increasingly grim for a wealth of wildlife in the UK.

"Climate change is not some future prediction of what might happen. It\’s happening now and having a serious impact on our countryside every year."

Well, yes, but as far as I remember it (and please do correct me if I\’m wrong) the prediction is that climate change here in the UK will mean warmer, wetter, winters, not summers. Might this perhaps be the normal seasonal variations being described as climate change then?

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  1. ‘Climate change’ is an irrefutable claim, because no climate is static, and the eco-loons take any deviation from the (apparent) norm as confirmation of its existence.

  2. It’s a well-known fact, beyond all debate, a real scientific consensus, that Britain has never before experienced three wet summers in a row. It’s certain doom if it happens. Only holocaust deniers ……

  3. It gets depressing. First of all they try to scare us with “global warming”. Then when it becomes clear that the averaging implicit in the global temperature measurements doesn’t tell you anything meaningful about weather patterns in specific places, they try to scare you with tales of “climate change”. Why don’t they just admit that climate change is a constant and that animals have to adapt or die. The recent summers have been good for the tortoiseshell butterfly, as the article points out.

  4. parasites and vermin take alot of effort to kill off

    That’s certainly proving to be the case with the ecomaniacs

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