Erm, what?

Oddly enough, that scrutiny actually took place. Daniel diBartolomeo, a physicist and number cruncher from Boston was asked to look at Madoff\’s figures and compare them with those of a firm that was pursuing exactly the same strategy. No matter how much regression analysis he applied to Madoff\’s numbers, he could not reconcile the two performances. The analysis was passed to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which ignored, then forgot it, a measure of how lax things became under the Bush administration

That was nearly a decade ago.

Erm, just how long has Bush been in power? Under 8 years isn\’t it?

Armed with his suspicions and diBartolomeo\’s data, Markopolos approached financial regulators several times about the matter, beginning in 1999.

Shouldn\’t we be blaming Clinton\’s SEC here? Or is it just that Bush has to be blamed for everything that goes wrong?

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  1. C’mon, isn’t this kind of patheticness like blaming John Major’s Tories for the current economic mess…? GWB has been in charge for eight years; that’s long enough to deserve the blame for things that happened on his watch.

    Tim adds: No, not quite. Porter specifically points to Bush for something that happened in 1999.

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