Faith in ID cards

Those in favour of the card now stand at just 55 per cent after dropping from 60 per cent in August.

In other words, 55% of the population are still deluded morons.

6 thoughts on “Faith in ID cards”

  1. And of those 55%, 0% actually have an ID card, have been ordered to go to an enrolment centre, and have been asked for £100.

    Conversely, 100% of the 55% know jack shit about what’s coming around the corner.

  2. Kay, nice to be in total agreement with you on this one. Why anyone can have faith in the bloody things is beyond me.

  3. “I’d love to know who the 55% are… I’ve never met one.”

    BobB who used to post here (where is the much-missed Bob?) wanted them to make it easier to pick up parcels from the post office. There. One person. I don’t know any others though.

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