Hope beats eternal

From a survey of young British womens\’ attitiudes to sex.

Four out of 10 said they would marry for money or sleep with their boss if it meant they would get promoted, while a quarter would have an affair with a married man.

5 thoughts on “Hope beats eternal”

  1. Marrying for money? Shagging for promotions? Wonder what Harriet Harperson’s proposals to deal with that are since there’s clearly a commercial, ah, slant to this…. Women’s Institute! A new challenge awaits you!

  2. And what is the older womens attitude to sex?
    Or is it that they ‘don’t yell, don’t swell and are ever so grateful’.

  3. The irony is that if you tell them that they are just willing to prostitute themselves, you’ll be blamed for holding women back…

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