Interesting point

That I\’ve not seen mentioned elsewhere. The Speaker can\’t blame the Serjeant at Arms for the police searching that Commons office:

Has everybody forgotten the controversy that overshadowed Pay\’s appointment earlier this year and caused the Queen to refuse her the private audience traditionally granted to an incoming Sergeant at Arms? The Queen was furious, not so much because Gorbals Mick had failed to accord her the courtesy of consulting her about what is a royal appointment, but because he had arbitrarily downgraded the office of Sergeant at Arms by depriving it of responsibility for security throughout the whole Palace of Westminster, a feature of the post since 1451, and restricting it to the Commons chamber.

So Pay, thanks to Martin\’s high-handed behaviour, had no authority to allow anybody to enter the Palace of Westminster or Damian Green\’s office. Only Martin can be held responsible for admission to any part of the Palace outside the Commons chamber.

Interesting, no?

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