It\’s a terrible thing, this emancipation of women

"However, Hojatoleslam Ghasem Ebrahimipour, a sociologist, told Shabestan news agency that the trend was due to the availability of premarital sex, and feminism among educated women. "When a woman is educated and has an income, she does not want to accept masculine domination through marriage," he said."

You\’ve got your rise in the age of first marriage, your rise in the divorce rate, all explained right there.

All this piffle about "valuing marriage", about minor  tax breaks here and there, about the perniciousness of no fault divorce, about mandatory counselling, even about children being better off with married parents. All tinkering, all pissing in the ocean.

Once women are economically independent (and let us all praise that particular development, the vaguely liberal capitalist economies of the past 40 years or so being the first ever to provide such opportunity) or even potentially so then marriage as an institution or activity becomes a choice, not a necessity.

And as ever with choices fewer people will make them than took that path of action when they had to.

That "fractured family" is, I\’m afraid, simply a by blow of the increase in freedom and liberty of the post WWII period.

8 thoughts on “It\’s a terrible thing, this emancipation of women”

  1. Or a decrease in moral values as fewer people accept the tenets of Christianity? As marriage was state sanctioned and not just a sacrament? Basically the institution has been devalued. My wife was an independent working woman when we met. We got married because we wanted to make a real commitment to each other and forge a stable relationship to have and bring up our children.

  2. Or a decrease in moral values as fewer people accept the tenets of Christianity?

    Nah. The point of Christianity, at a society level, was only ever to make sure that people did get married (and hence force men to pay for their kids). Now that isn’t economically necessary, we don’t need to invoke terrifying retribution in the sky to scare people into doing it.

  3. It’s nothing to do with scaring people. It’s standing in a public place and taking vows for each other and then standing by them. That’s what marriage is about, as well as loving one another and tolerating the bits, habits and behaviours we don’t really care for. The problem with marriage is that it has become easily disposable. Which does abolsutely zilch for any children.

  4. “When a woman is educated and has an income, she does not want to accept masculine domination through marriage,”

    *Nobody* – male or female – with few exceptions, happily accepts domination from another person unless forced to by circumstances. Why is masculine domination such a part of marriage?

  5. It used to be a left-wing rallying-cry that Communism would see an end to marriage ; now it being claimed that liberal capitalism will see it off .Both are invasive economic philosophies.But perhaps marriage or forming lasting relationships is something that economics does n’t enter into. Chesterton (Ithink??) said that choosing whom to marry was the only time you had any real choice.(All the other choices he thought should be made more equal by divvying out the national assets equally, hence his and Belloc’s Distributism )

  6. You over-simplify, Tim. Economic independence and marriage are compatible; and, if the West is to survive, we must ensure that they are. Otherwise, as is happening already, western women will cease to give birth and Muslim colonists will gradually take over and destroy our liberal society…already nearly a quarter of UK citizens under 16 are non-white…

  7. I see the conservatives are out in force…

    Can’t be letting people decide for themselves if marriage is best for them can we? ‘Society’ must act to preserve ‘traditional’ social structures (or those heathens/funny coloured people will overrun us and destroy us).

    By all means fight against the anti-freedom portions of Islam and the political establishment, but don’t fall back on the anti-freedom conservatism which constrains us.

    The question of whether to marry or not is for individuals. The right to end that arrangement should be built into the contract and I support anyone wishing to end the marriage.

    (I say this as a libertarian atheist anarchist who happens to be married but has no wish to raise children at the moment)

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