It\’s just occured to me


But Tim comes from a very different part of the political and, might I say it, social spectrum.

Social spectrum? What\’s that all about then? Is he calling me an oik or something?

A little weird to be sure.

Murphy\’s degree was Economics and Accounting. So was Tim Worstall\’s.

OK, so I wasn\’t an accountant:

In parallel with his practice career Richard has been chairman, chief executive or finance director of more than ten SMEs.

Or here:

Richard is a serial entrepreneur, having directed more than 10 SMEs in sectors as diverse as IT, the toy industry and environmental auditing in both the UK and overseas. 

Tim Worstall is a serial entrepreneur, having founded and run companies in sectors as diverse as business to business marketing, offshore computer programming, games development, import/export, newspaper distribution, rare metals and even the filing of EU documentation in both the UK and overseas. Some were successful, some were not, some still thrive, some do not.

So what is it with this oik thing (if that is indeed what he\’s accusing me of)?

Richard has written widely on taxation and accounting, including for the Observer. He has appeared in BBC radio and television documentaries on taxation issues.

Tim has written widely on economics and the environment for outlets as diverse as the Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian\’s CiF, Takimag, The Independent, TCS Daily, The Register, The Philadelphia Inquirer, San Francisco Chronicle and innumerable online outlets and blogs. Even Accountancy Age.

So what is this social spectrum thing? Is it that I went to the LSE where they actually teach economics or something?

Or are we being rather more archly English here and talking about class?

9 thoughts on “It\’s just occured to me”

  1. “Or are we being rather more archly English here and talking about class?”

    Of course! It’s what certain kinds of English people resort to when they haven’t an intellectual, moral, factual or any other leg to stand on and are feeling desperate – a bit like resorting to the ‘N’ word in political debate.

    You should feel complimented. 😉

  2. Oh no Tim you have it the wrong way around. You are right wing and therefore obviously a plutocrat only interested in his own well being while Richie, being left wing, is the true voice of the People. Like Polly Toynbee and Tony Benn.

  3. How utterly bitchily delightful!

    I bet he buys his knickers in Poundstretchers, and cooks his roast potatoes in the chip pan.

  4. Is it6 really safe to admit thast you advised on anything to do with money?
    the Salem mobs are looking for something to do.

  5. BlacqesJacquesShellacques

    Oik! Such a lovely word.

    Tim, he’s not calling you an oik, he’s calling you a prole, a pleb, a lower class lump, an undignified sweaty climber…Well, you get it.

  6. This is getting highly personal, isn’t it? I guess we should ask about the neighborhood in which Murphy resides. How long has he lived there? Where did he live before that? Is he married? What does his spouse do for a living? What about the parents and grandparents? Does Murphy have children? Where did/do they attend school? Not that I really care but he started it so I am wondering. Not enough to lift a finger to find out on my own, though.

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