Lady Antonia Fraser

In a final interview conducted in at his North London home in late October, and published just a day after his death was announced, he reveals his passion for cricket.

He once famously described the game the "greatest thing that God created on earth" which was better than sex.

A nice present to leave your widow, eh?

7 thoughts on “Lady Antonia Fraser”

  1. Er, “He once famously described …” meaning he did so some time and that said description was well-known. It’s hardly likely to be a surprise to his widow, if that’s what you’re suggesting.

  2. Could somebody please give Backward Dave Weeden a small prize for posting the most po-faced, humourless, point-missing, cretinous, stupidly smartass comment of the year?
    He’s probably a Pinter fan too.

  3. Since Pinter was involved with some of the sexiest women in England, Passer-by, who calls people cretinous etc from the safety of a pseudonym, might have presumed that he was as they say “exaggerating for effect”in his remarks about cricket. I doubt if his widow would have been grateful if Pinter had,instead
    of describing, rather movingly, his enjoyment of cricket ,rhapsodised in similar detail about all the women he had enjoyed.

  4. DBC: I didn’t call people cretinous, I called precisely one person cretinous, because he is. As for “the safety of a pseudonym”, what has “safety” got to do with anything? If I’d used my real name (which I’d prefer to reserve for things that actually matter), would you and/or Mr Weeden have come round and beaten me up, or were you just trying to sound butch? Or maybe Pinteresque?
    Weeden: Both you and DBC missed the point – and are still missing the point – by responding so fucking pompously to what was obviously a throwaway humorous post. But thanks for reinforcing what I said in my first comment.
    Jeez, some people take commenting on blogs way too seriously. But thanks for the laughs. Here’s hoping that Chomsky, Pilger and/or some other way-overrated professional liar and fan of dictators dies during 2009, so you can come over all chin-stroking and pearl-clutching about him (or her) too – because, after all, commenting on blogs is such an *important* kind of thing to do, isn’t it?
    It’s been fun, kids. Ciao.

  5. Mrs Trellis -of North Wales

    I would like to comment on the final comment and point out that the transatlantic expressions “Jeez” and “Way too” are entirely inappropriate when commenting on members of the English aristocracy. Whatever is the world coming too? By the way we ain’t doin’ too well in the Windies is we? – Yours Mrs Trellis of North Wales.

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