Modern feminism

Georgina Baillie\’s story neatly crowns a horrible year for British women, one in which we have seemed, at times, almost to be invisible.

Oh, please, get a life will you?

Women in the UK are amongst the most privileged group of women ever to have lived.

Are there still areas of inequity? Perhaps, but compared to what went before they are trivial. Are there things which could be made better than they are? Probably, although I\’m not sure that the cost of doing so would be worth it. But all of that is entirely another matter.

A year in which the majority of university graduates are women, a year in which almost no one died in childbirth, a year in which absolutely no one in the country had to scrape in the fields with a hoe in order to eat (unless they actually wanted to), a year in which men and women had equal rights before the law, in the vote, a year in which, if we are to be honest, we were all, male and female, the beneficiaries of the fattest, happiest, richest civilisation the world has ever seen, cannot be described as "horrible".

Get a sense of proportion would you?

13 thoughts on “Modern feminism”

  1. remind me, are Harriet Harman and Jacqui Smith holders of 2 of the highest positiions in the government of this country?

  2. The same civilisation you applaud is being pissed on by those in charge of it. And it will not last, and people will suffer.

  3. but then is Michael Martin a good person to uphold parliamentary power/ The guy in the Grauniad tried to put forward an apologia for him this week – and it amounts to the fact that he likes you if he thinks you are from the “working class”. Given the electoral dynamics, it was the Labour party who elected him: Wwhy did they elect such a clueless idiot? Buggin’s Turn? Norman Wisdom would have been a better choice.

  4. ‘a year in which absolutely no one in the country had to scrape in the fields with a hoe in order to eat’

    be careful Mr Worstall, Mrs Clewley might read this and realise I’ve been fibbing a little about how normal this is

  5. “he likes you if he thinks you are from the “working class””

    Is there any other country in the developed world, where ‘class’ in this sense of the word is still relevant?

  6. Maybe it’s a bad year for British women because, in order to have a successful love life, they need to be clinically insane? Unless they’re lesbians and then things aren’t great because large boots, dungarees and cropped hair aren’t flattering.

  7. obnoxio

    Norman Wisdom lives – and not just in the sense of all those witless left-wing chants about Che Guevara still being alive

  8. It is a horrible year for women because they do not have all the money and all the power.
    And men are all bastards etc etc. Ad lib.

  9. This is my favourite bit:

    “Even those whose job it was to explain this to us were mostly men: Robert Peston, Paul Mason, Evan Davis (the BBC’s economics editor, Stephanie Flanders, is on maternity leave).”

    Boo to the evil maternity laws that forced Stephanie off our screens, thus making Britain more sexist!

  10. The femiloons tend to remain remarkably tight lipped when an innocent young lass in one of our inner cities, is gang raped and doused with acid, by young black men.

    It all brings to mind the possibility that their agenda is more attuned to the hatred and demonisation of white men, than any concern or regard for the welfare of women and girls.

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