More Ritchie!

KPMG UK News – billions of corporation tax refunds as a result of EU ruling – Just what the economy does not need right now

Apparently the economy does not need either a fiscal boost nor that the government obey the law.

10 thoughts on “More Ritchie!”

  1. please explain how taxes ending up in the maw of the Great Beast Brown, to be turned into little pellets of low-quality fertiliser by the great mulching of his multiple bureaucratic stomachs, is better than that money never being taken in taxes and left to fructify without GBB’s help in the hands and plans of its rightful owners.

    You dimble

  2. You tell him Tim.

    Richard: get another job more suited to your intellectual capacity. You are a total embarrassment to the profession of financial journalism. Shut. The Fuck. Up.

  3. Richard, when Johnnhnanhnathan Pearce feels able to diss you, it’s probably time to shut up. Johnannhnahnathan Pearce. Sheesh…

  4. Richard… Did you ever consider the priesthood or social work when you were choosing a career? What persuaded you that you might be suitable for accountancy or economics. I’m genuinely interested.

  5. Delusions of grandeur I think, same thing with Gordon (or is that sociopathy?).

    With luck, one day it will occur to these fuckwits that they actually could save the world; by comitting suicide.

  6. There are other reverse barometers (i.e. people who merely by stating something as fact guarantee its negation be true) such as Polly Toynbee, Simon Jenkins, Georges Moonbat etc. but Murphy is sui generis. If he said it was raining I’d check he wasn’t pissing on my shoe.

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