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I\’ve been trying to track down a piece I heard years ago and think I\’m getting warm.

It was a boogie piano trio, recorded live in concert.

They did a version of Swannee River.

Right, so, by playing around on the net I\’ve come to the conclusion that this was in fact Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis and Pete Johnson at the "From Spirituals to Swing" concert at Carnegie Hall in 1938.

So, anyone got the album? Able to tell me what the quality is like? Do they indeed do (for I know they were there as a trio) Swannee?

Anywhere on the net I can listen to it*?


* It\’s OK, it\’s well out of copyright.

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  1. Amazon reviewers say the recordings are poor audio quality, but that the recordings are important and worth owning.

    £15 for used 3CD set – worth a punt, I reckon. Sadly Robert Johnson died the year before this was made, I have all the recordings made of him playing, which is not much.

  2. Robert Johnson?
    There are a lot of CD’s of the Boogie Woogie Trio which comprised the three pianists but the track listings claim that they were all played by Albert Ammons on his own-which seems a bit odd. I don’t think the three of them playing in unison makes much difference; all three are brilliant solo with bass and drums. And Pete Johnson playing with Joe Turner singing are terrific. There is a very good Swannee River Rock and Roll by Fats Domino.

  3. There is an album called Boogie Woogie Trio available to listen to on that has a track called Swanee river blues. Might be the same one.

    May need to register first though.

    Tim adds: close, very clore. But not quite right. That’s a superb site though…..

  4. On my double CD of “From Spirituals to Swing”, “disque 1” starts with Cavalcade of Boogie by the aforementioned three. Do you want me to give it a spin and see if La Fleuve Swanee is in there?

  5. There is film on You tube of somebody playing three different versions of Swannee River Boogie; looks like Albert Ammons.Googling You tube Swanee River Boogie does it. Can see where Fats Domino got his version from.

  6. Ah, darn it, no Swannee. But I’ve got to tell you that the last track on disque 2 features your three ivory-tinklers plus the Basie Band plus the Benny Goodman Sextet assaulting Lady Be Good. My, oh my, oh my.

  7. I’ve got Meade Lux Lewis playing Honky Tonk Train Blues from this session as an .mp3, I can email it to you if you like.

    Funny you should bring this up now, just 2 weeks ago I bought a Yamaha electric piano for the very purpose of learning to play the above piece. My practicing is driving my wife bananas.

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