Oh dear Lord

These people really don\’t get it do they? Looking at the prices that people pay for electricity and gas etc:

It also wants to help the millions of "non-switchers" – customers who are often elderly or too busy to spend time online seeking the cheapest tariffs, who end up paying higher bills than those who shop around despite using the same supplier.


Some people find it worthwhile to invest their time and effort into getting a better deal on the price they pay. Other find other things more interesting or useful to do with their time.

Now those who have not made the effort must get the same deal as those who have?

What next? Those who can\’t be bothered to check Aldi get to pay Aldi\’s prices at Tesco\’s?

Please, when are the adults coming back?


4 thoughts on “Oh dear Lord”

  1. Hurrah! We can create a few more Quango jobs for people to decide prices for the energy companies. Next we can have a bureau that sets prices across all industries. Then, once we’ve broken the link between supply and demand by fucking up prices, we can create a new committee to fix the problem by setting production targets centrally using 5 year plans?

    Or perhaps, the government could suggest that we just look out for old ladies next door and help them shop around using our Internets. Like we do already.

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