Panic! Panic!

The United States should expect a terrorist attack using nuclear or biological weapons within the next five years, a US study said.

The thing is that this is true.

And also not all that worrying. There has been a terrorist attack with biological weapons in the US in hte last decade….someone started posting anthrax, remember?

Whether it\’s worth throwing another few hundred billion at the Dept. of Homeland Security to try and head off a repeat is another matter….

1 thought on “Panic! Panic!”

  1. Much of the problem in the western world lies with the centralising impulses of our governments. They would get better results if emergency reponse, and preparedness, were more widely dispersed. But they are much more obsessed with ensuring we don’t have the means to defend ourselves.

    A single gunman could walk into pretty much any one of our schools, and open fire, and keep shooting until an armed response team eventually arrives to do a risk assessment and fill in some forms.

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