Really My Lord Archbishop?

The Archbishop of York has called on Britons to boycott foreign meat when shopping for their Christmas dinner.

Dr John Sentamu said he was calling for a “Buy British” campaign not out of nationalism but because it made sense in terms of economy and sustainability.

If it made sense in terms of "economy" then British meat would be cheaper than foreign reared. If this were indeed the case then you wouldn\’t have to urge anyone to buy it as they would see it was in their rational self interest to do so.

That you do in fact find yourself urging people to buy it shows in itself that it is not better for reasons of "economy".


4 thoughts on “Really My Lord Archbishop?”

  1. He is an idiot.

    If he wanted to affect our purchasing decisions, he should have done so weeks ago. Before the Canadian lobsters, Scottish pheasants, Norfolk turkeys, Cheshire pork, went into the freezers of this land. It’s over. We have bought the Scotch, the beer, the wine, the Quality Street, the Xmas crackers. In most homes, everything that’s going on the table is already in the house.

    We will only be buying the sprouts, the carrots, and the milk for the bloody custard.

    One way or another, people are already committed. I’m going to enjoy that Canadian lobster even more, because it has suddenly become naughty.

  2. Are those trying to crack down on “human trafficking” really just protectionists in disguise?
    Maybe they just have different divisions policing whores’ drawers and hors d’ouvres.

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