Timmy Elsewhere

Actually, not so much Timmy as my roping in a guest writer. Dennis the Peasant takes on Richard Murphy.

5 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. the wonderful thing about Murphy is that he clearly believes that concepts such as “fair” and “true and fair” are eternal absolutes that can be defined independently of any set of values – hence his belief that companies should pay the “right” amount of tax as if the legislation is such that there is absolutely no room for judgment.

  2. Not forgetting that the Left’s definition of “fair” is “as much as the state can take from individuals while still maintaining an absolute majority for the Party to remain in power.”

  3. diogenes:

    Yes. I’ve noticed (in what I’ve been able to stand to read of his) that he has a knack for knowing just what’s “fair.” Obviously, everyone would be better off if he was in charge instead of just writing about what whoever’s in charge should be doing. Missed his calling, I’d say.

  4. There you go again, KT, exaggerating as usual. They always leave you a little more than that formula of your would suggest. Not that they don’t want it, mind you–it’s just that they’re not all that good at details.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Good critique there from Denis. Perhaps a little too easy going on Richard.

    The obvious question is where did it all go wrong for him? At one time he must have been a little more in touch with the real world. Mid-life crisis? The joys of being rung up by the hairy-armpit work experience interns at the Guardian corrupted him? He had a bitter split with his other half – who happened to be an auditor or what?

    I think we need to know.

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