Vladimir Putin

This is fascinating. I\’ve no idea whether it is true but it\’s fascinating.

In Mrs Putina\’s account, Mr Putin\’s father was a Russian mechanic, Platon Privalov, who got her pregnant while married to another woman. She claims her son, nicknamed "Vova" was born on October 7, 1950, exactly two years before Mr Putin\’s official birth date.

In 1952, Mrs Putina married a Georgian soldier, Giorgi Osepahvili, and moved to Georgia with her son. In December 1960, under pressure from her husband to disown her child, she delivered "Vova" back to his grandparents in Russia. Mrs Putina believes that the St. Petersburg-based "parents" referred to in Mr Putin\’s biography adopted her son from his grandparents.

He was a) born in Georgia and b) illegitimate. The first part might not matter too much (give  that both parents were ethnic Russians) but there\’s still  a social thing against bastards in Russia.

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  1. Uncanny similarities between the FSU and UK, continued:

    Centralised control;
    Centralised plannink, comrades;
    Opposition politicians can be arrested and questioned at the behest of shadowy and mysterious figures in government;
    Embarrassing people can be made to “go away” (synonym: “doing a Politkovskaya”, doing a Litvinenko”, “doing a Kelly”);

    And now: (pause for fanfare) both countries run by a bastard. Whether literal or figurative.

    Sheesh. Where’ll it all end?

  2. Sorry, I still reckon he is a scion of either

    a) Sir Alec Douglas Home

    b) Jasper Carrot

    Either way, it’s his own fault.

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