Yes, that\’ll work

3 December 2008 – South East MEP and Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas will join thousands of campaigners in London this Saturday (6 December) in marching on Parliament to urge the government to match its rhetoric on climate change with credible action.

Excellent plan, don\’t you think? Go to Parliament to demonstrate to MPs when Parliament\’s not sitting and MPs aren\’t there.

Genius, eh?

6 thoughts on “Yes, that\’ll work”

  1. It doesn’t matter if Parliament is sitting because it’s a media event with Parliament as a backdrop.

    That’s why it might be worthwhile for supporters of the free market (ASI? LPUK?) to send a few counter-protestors to get in front of the cameras and complain about how the Greens want to destroy our economy. Since it’s all for the benefit of the media you don’t need to send many people. It’s just a matter of finding a few bored journalists looking for a novel angle and giving them something they can use.

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