A tale from the shires

Related by one of my co-workers.

Wealthy, fiftyish man, trophy wife, shags about. She decides that she\’s not going to put up with it.

Leaves a note. "If I\’m not enough for you, I\’m leaving. We\’ll deal with lawyers later. Oh, BTW, I\’ve left your dinner in the oven on a low heat."

Hmm, he thinks. Even at this sort of time she\’s still thinking about me. He opens the oven on a low heat to find…



….a ham salad.


8 thoughts on “A tale from the shires”

  1. meat + low heat = culture medium and incubator.

    I think the idea is that she’s trying to give him a bad case of food poisoning.

  2. Ham salad! What sort of provender is that for a hard-working chap. The woman ought to be ashamed of herself. Grounds for divorce in my view!

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