Ahh, diddums

From PA:

The head of a child sex abuse police unit hit out today at having to spend thousands of pounds on buying valuable information from internet firms.

According to the BBC, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) has spent more than £170,000 on gathering internet data since it was founded in 2006.

The sum, which has gone to internet service providers (ISPs) which charge for their information, was revealed through a Freedom of Information request made by the broadcaster.

CEOP chief executive Jim Gamble said that having to pay such sums was "ridiculous".

"The information that internet service providers hold is critically important to us," he told the BBC.

The information may indeed be critically important to you. It also costs money to collect, to collate and to supply it to you.

Thus you must pay for it so please, STFU.

"For the kiddies" is wearing out as an excuse you know.

7 thoughts on “Ahh, diddums”

  1. I saw that this morning on Al-Beeba. My first thought was “surely if the request is in the form of a search warrant then it will be free?”. I’m not entirely certain about that, but I hope it stops any pointless fishing trips.

    Mind you, when the Government have their uber database of all our interweb travels I’m sure they won’t use that for fishing trips either


    Oh dear, my bubble seems to have burst.

  2. Especially from that total and utter cunt Gamble, who has never been punished for what he did to innocent people in Operation Ore.

  3. BlacqesJacquesShellacques

    I have some experience of search warrants. If the coppers simply hit someone with a search warrant that someone says: “There’s the documents warehouse. Here’s a key. Help yourself. Piss off”. I imagine we’ll change that law soon, the serf’s time and skill belong to the state.

  4. Jim Gamble is lying piece of scum and is resposible for the deaths of two members of my family. His lies during Operation’s Ore and Candyman, lead to this. He needs to be brought to book. Still as a practicioner of Witchcraft he has been cursed and will soon be consumed by natural forces. His punishment WILL come; I never fail with my curses.

  5. I have just seen the light and the connection of Jim Gamble and Dr.Gerald McCann. Gamble needs money. McCann needs protection..there was a conference in Pimlico on the 17th Jan…nothing about it in the press..Today we have Gerald Mccann speaking as a guest at CEOP . Why?. Dr:Gerald Mccann is guilty of child neglect he is or was( depending on your point of view ) a suspect in his own daughters disappearance..

    The Mantra of the McCanns ..(Our daughter has been abducted by a paedophile ..but there IS NO evidence that she has come to any harm)..

    Yhe topic today is for ‘Sexually exploited children) is Mccann going to explain to us that there are paedophiles out there who treat their victims like little Princesses????

  6. Gerry McCann and David Payne were suspected of Paedophillia – Gaspars statement. The Gvmt and CEOP protect the McCanns despite no evidence of abduction. I am curious about CEOP, if there is any truth in the elite Gov protected paedo ring then CEOP protects the abusers not the children, Jim Gamble did say “call us not the police”

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