Amanda Platell

Man suing over paternity fraud is not fit to call himself a father

Erm, that\’s the point isn\’t it? That he\’s trying to point out that he\’s both not and should not be called a father?

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  1. Oddly enough, female promiscuity is common in many populations and has a definite biological advantage (remember: sex is only about passing on your *own* genes and having *your* children survive to reproductive age)

    One study estimates that the percentage of adulterous children born to married women who have access to men other than their husbands is somewhere between 25% and 45%.

    Studies performed in both bird and primate populations seem to show that although keeping your own male faithful is a good reproductive strategy, the chances your offspring will survive increases with increased genetic variation.

    So your best strategy for passing on your own genes, is to catch and keep the best male you can, and then have children with him – and with another male, preferably one who’s genetically as fit or fitter than the male you’re with. As long as you aren’t caught, your children are ahead.

    In fact, although the man’s suing, since the poor girl is 17, she’s of breeding age, so the strategy has succeeded, and unless he’s had other children, or illegitimate children – after all, male promiscuity has an equally excellent biological reason – he’s lost out in the genetic shuffle. Small wonder he’s pissed off (and why the Burkha is such a popular garment in some parts of the world).

    As far as his daughter is concerned: “Love is not love, which alters when it alteration finds.” Maybe she should be happy he’s not her father, if after 17 years he wants nothing more to do with her.

  2. “Had he succeeded in his action, the court’s decision would have been a slap in the face to every loving step, adoptive and foster parent in the country, with its implication that you can’t love a child who is not biologically yours.”

    What is this woman on? Step, adoptive and faster parents make a conscious decision, this guy was duped.

    Yes it is tough on the daughter and he does seem a bit of a shit to cut her off, but to say that he shouldn’t be able to sue the wife because it might stigmatise people making a voluntary decision is simple minded thinking of the worst kind.

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