Keep Britain Tidy looked at litter in 10 cities over two days in the first attempt to discover which brand names were most commonly discarded.

Fast food litter was second to cigarette ends in littering the country’s streets and 29 per cent of that was from McDonald’s restaurants,


Just as McDonald’s dominates the restaurant sector as a whole, so it is the biggest player in the fast-food sector,

Stunning. Biggest player in market produces the biggest amount of rubbish in said market.

Well I never.

They\’ll be telling us apples grow on trees next.

1 thought on “Amazing!”

  1. No, they’ll be levying a special tax on all McDonald’s sales next. Then will come a law prohibiting any carry-away from McDonald’s. Once McDonald’s closes up shop, they’ll go after Burger King or whatever else is the new #1.

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