OK, so the share price is hammered yet again this morning. 58 p it says on Yahoo.

It also says that the last dividend was 34p and the yield 46% (err, those two numbers don\’t add up but….they do at last night\’s closing).

So, I\’m guessing here, but the market is pretty much assuming that that dividend isn\’t going to be maintained then, eh?

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  1. I reckon the market is just being its usual “headless chicken” self.

    The “rocket scientists” would have us believe that it’s all terribly scientific and controlled – much the way that Lemmings are (and yes, I know the thing about mass suicides is a myth).

  2. “I reckon the market is just being its usual “headless chicken” self.”

    All grist to Ritchie’s mill.

    “The market doesn’t work”, “markets get things wrong”, “wise people should decide instead”

    Funny how he never quite gets to “wise people are more stupid than markets” despite the copious evidence.

  3. I used to have an account with Barclays that was connected with a branch in Bene’t Street in Cambridge. That apostrophe certainly did confuse people. (The street was next to the church of St Benedict , and at some point in the last 500 years the name had been turned into a contraction).

    Yes, I know this comment is only tenuously connected to the above, but it is a story involving Barlcays and apostrophes.

  4. I did work experience at the Bene’t Street branch of Barclays. On the first day, I was taken into a room filled with opened, empty envelopes.

    “These are all the envelopes from our recent incoming communications,” I was told. “I need you to rip each one flat to confirm that no cheques were left in them.”

    That was a fun day.

    And no, there were no cheques left in them.

  5. Ah, yes, I remember those halcyon days when moronic tasks were regarded as character building and tested you for your future brainless career in banking.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    On my first day of work experience I was taken into a big room heated to the low 30s C and 80% humidity, with long rows of tanks containing amphibians.

    I was given some gloves and some sponges and told that the tanks had not been cleaned since the last work experience peon.

    Amazing how many had died months if not years earlier without anyone noticing.

    Not the best week of my life.

    Not sure how this relates to Barclays though.

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