Calling all curmudgeons

So, err, who else isn\’t watching it all either then?

32 thoughts on “Calling all curmudgeons”

  1. I’m not. Who cares? I can see the point of taking an interest in the result of the US election and some interest in what his policies may be. I can’t see the point of wall to wall coverage of a ceremony.

  2. I managed to catch some of “John Adams”, which I’d recorded over the weekend. Lots of stuff about creating space in which the ordinary man was free of power. A tonic, it was.

  3. JuliaM
    “Just came in from work in time to see him iterrupt, pause and then stumble over the words of the oath.”

    Actually, it was Chief Justice Roberts that flubbed it. What you saw was Obama trying to recover.

  4. “Actually, it was Chief Justice Roberts that flubbed it. What you saw was Obama trying to recover.”

    Awww, and you failed to get in ‘And he was a Bush appointee!’…

  5. Yep, it was Poo-bah who got it wrong, and His Holiness who tried to prompt him along the path of righteousness.

  6. You bunch of mealy mouthed, miserable, wankers.

    Who on earth can’t be captivated by the build up to one of the greatest events this year, Man U v Derby?

    I mean, we all hate Derby ~ everyone hates Derby ~ but it’s them v the scum, ffs. Jesus.

    Anyway, they lost, despite a plucky performance.

    I am so disappointed in you all.

  7. I was doing worthwhile (non political) volunteer work.

    Don’t have TV, which on this occasion was rather nice. Blanket coverage of anything tends to send me to sleep.

  8. I watched the inauguration speech last night. It was absolutely wonderful. Reagan’s, thanks to a link from Jeff Nolan.

    I’ll happily watch Obama’s in 10-20 years time when I can judge it relative to his record in office.

  9. I spent most of the day with my head down the loo. That’s the LAST TIME I read a Polly piece. Can you loosen the straps a little now please.

  10. I wasn’t watching it. I did see some of the endless parades of high school marching bands from Idaho on a TV in a pub later. Barack looked smug. Michelle looked like she was getting a little bored. Forturnately the pub had (a) beer and (b) the Manchester United game on another TV.

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