Child abuse

Thousands of children supposedly educated at home by their parents are at risk of abuse, neglect, forced marriage, sexual exploitation or domestic servitude, the Government said yesterday.

Tsk, tsk. Don\’t be so mealy mouthed.

That these children are not given up to hte tender mercies of the State is itself child abuse. Of course it is.

Being taught anything other than that the State thinks you should be taught is obviously abusive: you might pick up ideas which are doubleplusungood. QED.

8 thoughts on “Child abuse”

  1. The 2 I know were “educated” about 1 month a year, prior to the council inspection.

    Both have been at college since, and the mother has gone on to use the experience to become a highly-valued private tutor.

    Could state “education” be a waste of time ?

    Alan Douglas

  2. “Could state “education” be a waste of time ?”

    Since “science” lessons are little more than global warming indoctrination (colouring in a poster about walking to school – I kid you not), I think we know the answer to that.

    The more teachers I’ve talked to, the more I think we should lower the school leaving age to 14.

  3. “The more teachers I’ve talked to, the more I think we should lower the school leaving age to 14.”

    I should point out that the teachers I’ve met are the ones arguing that the school leaving age should be 14. I merely agree with them.

  4. School is mainly a device for keeping children confined so that the parents can go out and do other things.

  5. Our schools are raising entire cohorts of uneducated, undisciplined kids who are destined to form the core of Britain when it joins the third world. For parents who care about learning and development, the state system is just not good enough.

    As for those children who are taken out of school just to work, or to be married off before their teens, the local authorities already know who they are. But they are far too politically correct to admit it.

    I got utterly sickened at seeing secondary school pupils set to work to paint posters of bloody windmills, and being told that they were learning physics. What a cruel hoax.

    Then I was told “Physics is different things to different people….” by some stupid bint of a headmistress. There is a refusal to accept that anything in life might be quantitative, invariant, rigorous or testable. Until they open their pay-packets of course. No room for interpretation there. A sudden regard for mathematical rigour and orthodoxy come to the fore.

  6. Thin end of wedge, people.

    “Home schooling soon to be made illegal” is what you should be understanding.

    It’s already so in Germany.

    There’s probably an EU regulation, but we haven’t noticed it yet; in due course it will be revealed.

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