Corruption in the Lords!

Our reporters posed as lobbyists acting for a foreign client who was setting up a chain of shops in the UK and wanted to secure an exemption from the Business Rates Supplements Bill. We selected 10 Lords who already had a number of paid consultancies. The three Conservative peers did not return our calls and a Liberal Democrat and an Ulster Unionist both declined to help after meeting the undercover reporters.

However, four of the five Labour peers were willing to help to amend the bill in return for retainers. Some were more forthright than others.

A very nice little investigation indeed.

4 thoughts on “Corruption in the Lords!”

  1. “The rules say that a member of the House must never accept any financial inducement as an incentive or reward for exerting parliamentary influence,”

    Rules? Shouldn’t that be laws against legistlators taking money to change the law?

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