The artists are squatting in the mews house of a property in Clarges Mews which sold for £22.5m in April 2007. The owners, Timekeeper Ltd, discovered the occupation in mid-December when they spotted a Christmas tree.

Timekeeper has instructed solicitors to apply for an eviction order. A hearing is due today at Central London county court and Timekeeper hopes the judge will issue an "order forthwith", which means the squatters will be forced to leave the property immediately.

Timekeeper\’s representatives claim the building was empty only while architects waited for planning permission for renovations to the Grade II*-listed house.

The artists do not seem worried by the prospect of eviction. They have been holding open days where anyone can go to workshops and learn skills from welding to "laughter" and tree-house building.

If tree houses are such lovely things why aren\’t they living in one rather than stealing someone else\’s property?

2 thoughts on “Erm?”

  1. While I totaly agree squatters are thieving scum, Timekeeper may have a problem. These “artists” appear to have been holding ery public huse, yet Timekeeper claims t have only spotted them when one of their employees saw a Christmas tree. That doesn’t demonstrate a high level of supervision and might lead the court to think the company was actually just an absentee landlord.

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