Erm, a brutal statement

So I write about the campaign against prostitution. In the comments is this.

Anyone who\’s ever seen Julie Burchill\’s likeness, or Jacqui Smith\’s or Harriet Harman\’s for that matter, know that it comes down to sheer jealously. All three know that if they went on the game they\’d starve.

Well, no, I didn\’t say it, but there are indeed times of the night, levels of sobriety, when I might.

And other times of the day, other levels of sobriety, when I wish I had.

7 thoughts on “Erm, a brutal statement”

  1. That’s Reg commenters for you. Burchill, Bindell, whatever…

    A few years back when Burchill was writing for the Graun Saturday magazine there was a splendidly evil reference to her as looking like ‘the aftermath of an unfortunate chip pan accident’ in the readers’ letters section. Julie surely can’t have been popular with the editorial staff there for that one to get through (baffling, I know…)

  2. Sex already? The sun’s not even up!

    If good looks were the prerequisite for going public with an opinion about the sex trade, pro- or con-, to how many commentators here would “Hey, with those looks he’s bound to be for prostitution – he wouldn’t be able to get it any other way!” apply? Be honest now, gentlemen…;-)

  3. Would they starve as streetwalkers? I suspect many punters don’t look at the clock on the mantelpiece while they are poking the fire.

  4. When you look at the pictures in the paper after ‘prostitute found murdered’ stories, you quickly realise that even Burchill could make some money on the street. As long as she kept her mouth shut, that is…

    Err, I meant…

    Never mind!

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