I\’m sorry, but I don\’t understand

Seumas Milne:

That is the process which this week saw Bolivians vote, in the land where Guevara was hunted down, to adopt a sweeping new constitution empowering the country\’s long-suppressed indigenous majority and entrenching land reform and public control of natural resources – after months of violent resistance sponsored by the traditional white ruling class.

Why is it such a big deal that the indigenes are able to exercise political power? If I advocated Anglo-Saxon (or Norman, or Viking, Celt, for we\’ve had a number of waves of groups who end up being indigenes to the next wave) rights in hte UK I would rightly be derided as a racist.

Why isn\’t this true when Trots talk about other countries?

5 thoughts on “I\’m sorry, but I don\’t understand”

  1. Come on man. It’s about power relations and who’s oppressing whom. This isn’t stupid.

    If the descendants of colonialists hold all the power and wealth to the disadvantage of the indigenous, you don’t have to be a lefty to think that’s a bad thing. If the indigenous hold all the power and wealth to the disadvantage of the immigrants, you don’t have to be a lefty to think that’s a bad thing. You can debate about the extent to which the whites are holding the non-whites down in the UK, but in countries like Bolivia, it’s not difficult to understand how the pre-existing political settle helped one group at the expense of the other. You did economics at uni – did you do any political economy?

  2. Seamus Milne wouldn’t give a fig if the Bolivian indigenes were oppressing a white population descended from colonialists. The only racism that matters to Seamus is white racism.

  3. According to Oppenheimer, 70% of the ancestry of the English and Scots was here before farming arrived. Yer anglo-saxons, celts and whatnot are just icing on the cake..

  4. It isn’t about the Trots talking about other countries. It is about who is doing the talking.

    You are a horrible white racist oppressor, they are the caring guardians of the rights of the people (whichever ‘people’ they currently happen to be talking about.) So the rules simply don’t apply to them.

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