He said the internet had been used to raise funds for terrorists in Afghanistan including the use of on-line gambling sites to launder cash.

I know very well how to use a casino to launder cash (err, no, not from personal experience. It\’s a staple of many a novel). But I\’m really not sure how you use an online casino to do so. For you don\’t feed cash into one. You feed a bank transfer, a debit card or a credit card into one. And your money comes back the same way. So how does this cash thing work then?

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  1. From experience working in the online gaming industry, the easiest method is player to player transfers or chip dumping between players in online poker. The first is only available at some rooms and is subject to a number of anti-fraud procedures, though it isn’t water tight. The second is more difficult as most operators (if not all; they stake their reputations on fraud reduction) clamp down on this type of activity very quickly and it wouldn’t be a very good way to transfer large sums of money or to withdraw it (locked accounts generally freezes funds). Seems to me like that our good old bogeymen the terrorists are to the help of the legislators in trying to shut down yet another area of life…

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