Last year\’s article this year

Traditionally, more people file for divorce in January than at any other time of the year because they decide to take action after a dysfunctional family Christmas.

This January is expected to be no exception to the rule with the third Tuesday of the month likely to see the highest number of petitions filed, according to experts.

Tanya Roberts, partner at law firm Charles Russell, said: "January is the month when you tend to see an increase in the number of couples deciding to separate. Having gritted their teeth over Christmas and the New Year, and finally got the children settled into school, they call in a divorce lawyer.

You know, I\’m pretty sure we had this article this time last year. Different person, different quotes, but same general article.

Still, at least we were spared one thing this year, Stephen Pollard\’s "Why I hate New Year". He\’s too busy editing his new paper.

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