Minor point

and from an NHS that swallowed the GDP of a small country

That got me thinking. Just what country should we compare the NHS to?

Equaiting spending on the NHS to GDP isn\’t really quite right. For GDP is value added, not value consumed (yes, of course, the NHS does produce things of value, but not necessarily to the same amount as what we spend upon it. Everyone, but everyone agrees on that point. Even those who love the NHS…for they say that it\’s the most just, fair, efficient etc etc system possible, so it produces more value than what it consumes. Others of course think it produces less. ). But leave that aside.

NHS spending is some £110 billion a I think? Roughly speaking? Call it $165 billion (at a 1:1.5 exchange rate)?


Err, that\’s Hungary. Or Israel. OK, both small countries so fair enough.

It\’s also more than Venezuela or Nigeria….both big countries I think?

Or ten Albanias. Or, if you really want to boggle, 43 Congos.

That\’s actually a pretty good measure of wealth and poverty actually. We 60 million odd Brits spend more on our health each year than 43 times what the roughly 60 million people of the Congo produce in total each year.

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