Natural justice

So, the House of Lords has decided that you can\’t be blacklistde from your job, suspended without pay, on the basis of unsupported allegations. Natural justice (and human rights law) means that you are entitled to a hearing first.

Hmm. That\’s interesting.

Dr Carter said the judgment meant the Government could have to pay millions of pounds in compensation to people who had been wrongly removed from the workforce.

He added: "In particular, we welcome the ruling so that the inherent unfairness of this system can be changed before the replacement scheme operated by the Independent Safeguarding Authority comes into operation this autumn. This new system is due to cover an estimated 12 million people who work with vulnerable adults and children.

"This judgment has serious implications for the government\’s plans, and the government needs to look into this as a matter of urgency. Public protection is an important duty and should be done in a fair, effective and efficient way."

As that ISA database will indede be full of unsupported allaegations. Bit of a quandrary there, don\’t you think?

5 thoughts on “Natural justice”

  1. As that ISA database will *indede* be full of unsupported *allaegations*. Bit of a *quandrary* there, don’t you think?

    Unusual…drinking already? 😉

  2. Well, yes. This is normally the difference between suspension and dismissal. I have been suspended a couple of times when it was alleged that I had been a naughty kobold. After investigation, where they failed abysmally to find where I had actually hidden the bodies, I was allowed back to work.

    Now, it is slightly unfair if you are in a job where tips / overtime / bonus form a significant part of your income, ’cause you’re unlikely to see any of that while you’re suspended, but it is much better than the American ’employment at will’ system, not least because of the requirement both for an investigation and for ‘reasonable suspicion’.

  3. One of my most loathed words, “safeguarding”. It is useless puff. Safeguarding implies to put up and maintain safeguards, i.e. preventative protocols. It does not mean you defend something, retaliate or put in place a deterrent. It is New Labour Writ Large.

    The term “safeguarding” joins “deprived” and “progressive”.

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