Oh dear Lord

But they are partly right: the hardest truth about climate change is that it can\’t be stopped unless the consequences are shared more fairly. The only way to do that is to give everyone the same quota of carbon to spend, whether on petrol, flying or heating. Are we ready for that kind of fairness?

No, we\’re not ready for that kind of "fairness". Because it\’s insane.

We know what we need to do to "battle climate change". We need to impose a Pigou Tax on emissions. And that\’s it, that\’s all we need to do. And as I\’ve said repeatedly, we already pay, even if not in quite the right places, the appropriate level of taxes.

We in the UK have already "battled" and beaten climate change.

6 thoughts on “Oh dear Lord”

  1. “…the hardest truth about climate change is that it can’t be stopped..”

    This statement, at least, is accurate. Once you strip away the rest of the wording.

  2. The climate is going to continue to change, however carbon use is allocated and whatever tax regime we impose.

    The discussion has become entirely divorced from reality.

  3. Peter, not so divorced from reality: the reality is that they mean to control.

    The rest of the global warming thing is indeed divorced from reality.

  4. Let’s leave aside the climate change smokescreen and look at this for what it really is : an attempt to control people’s access to resources via state intervention on the principle that The Man in Whitehall/Paris/Brussels/Washington knows best.

    That’s socialism, pure and simple.

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