Poor bastards

The government is planning a radio station exclusively for the entertainment of Britain\’s prisoners, which will cost taxpayers £2million, according to reports.

We\’ve already relieved them of their liberty for their crimes. Now we\’re going to pump Nicey and Smashey at them 12 hours a day? Surely that breaches something or other…the Hague Conventions? Geneva?

6 thoughts on “Poor bastards”

  1. Cruel and unusual punishment indeed.

    To save money (not this government’s priority, I know), they could just take a feed from one or more of those “radio stations” run by retailers. I seem to recall that KwikFit have one, or used to, which is/was especially obnoxious. Maybe Homebase and BhS too. Anyway, pipe that into the cells at the usual volume and recidivism would be a thing of the past.

  2. Or since the Government has already bought and paid for the BBC with our money, perhaps just feed Radio 1 in to prisons, 24/7. Pure shite. Or the Toady program on R4, endlessly repeated. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

  3. “A charity might also contribute to running costs, it is thought.”

    Cute. Don’t let the public see that the public is spending £x million funding this. Just fund the Campaign for Prisoner Featherbedding and they do it.

    (on this subject, I see that DK is working on some sort of charitocracy list).

  4. I was in a motorway service station on the M1 today and it had its own radio station. I won’t be going back there again so perhaps there is something in this – £2m to end reoffending seems rather cheap.

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