Science provides natural explanations for your existence – a map which tells us where you are and what you are. If you don’t think such explanations are important, existence is probably wasted on you.

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  1. Science goes some way to explaining the mechanics of how we exist and the universe in which we exist. Science has nothing to say about why we exist.

  2. So Much For Subtlety


    What makes you think religion has anything to say about why we exist either? Ultimately all it can say is because God wants it. Most of us got enough of this “coz I says so” argument when we were five.

    In the meantime, science does tell us about kin selection for instance. It explains sex and reproduction. It tells us how f*cking big (and f*cking old) the Universe is and hence how insignificant we are.

    All of those are damned good answers to why questions.

  3. After 30 years of reading Jewish and Christian material, I never heard a coherent explanation of “why” God created the universe and us. Maybe because it’s beyond our understanding?
    Nor is obedience to Him compelled “coz he says so”.
    I assure you, the relationship is not like that at all.
    And in your own words, if God “wants” us to be here (a hopeless anthropomorphism, of course), then that is also pretty amazing – as amazing as a Blind Watchmaker, indeed.
    The science of evolution, selection and sex in general should be studied by Christians and any other monotheist or polytheist for that matter.
    Maybe they’d learn some of the humility and wonder that we profess to value.

  4. SMFS

    Where do I say that I think “religion has anything to say about why we exist”? Before making assumptions about what I think it might be useful to read what I wrote.

  5. Fair comment, Umbongo.
    I confess I also read into your message an implication that religion filled that gap – the “why”.
    Apologies from me.

  6. In order to even be allowed to ask why we exist, do we not have to first answer the question: do we exist for a reason?

    Science seems to predict that we do not.

  7. My reading of Dawkins and Darwin etc is that “science says” (or, can be interpreted as saying) that DNA exists because it can perpetuate itself. “We” are the means DNA uses to get into the next generation.
    From this stems lots of our actions – self-preservation, family protection, etc – all ways to protect and reproduce our genes.
    You may think this is rather pointless, and as a Christian I think there must be more to it, but that’s part of what “science says”.

  8. El Draque

    Many thanks for your apology – it’s appreciated. However, I disagree with you and (I think) Emil that science “says” or predicts anything outside science. In respect of DNA etc, all science tells us is that this is the process on earth by which the traits of living creatures are transmitted down the generations. A reasonable deduction is that, given the way DNA works, our social structure (eg families) has formed in the way it has to protect and encourage the transmission of advantageous traits. Science might also “say” – or, better, speculate – that the DNA process became the sole transmission process occurring on earth through a Darwinian-type survival of the fittest. This assumes that at one time there was another – non-DNA – transmission process which died out although I don’t think there’s any evidence for this.

    This is all interesting stuff but science still has nothing to say about the “whys”. However, it’s very good at the “hows”.

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