Raul Castro\’s Speech

So, if you were a Cuban, hearing this being said in a speech, what would your thoughts be?

Cuba\’s president, Raúl Castro, has marked the 50th anniversary of the island\’s communist government by predicting another 50 years of revolutionary struggle.

"It is time to reflect on the future, on the next 50 years when we shall continue to struggle incessantly," said Castro, speaking yesterday beneath the balcony where his older brother Fidel declared victory half a century ago.

He added: "I\’m not trying to scare anyone, this is the truth."

Mine would be "Dear God Almighty, another 50 years of this shit? Just when is socialismo going to make us better off?"

2 thoughts on “Raul Castro\’s Speech”

  1. I feel like exploding when I hear Gorgon Brownshirt open his fat, snot-gobbling yap and tell us all how lucky we are and that’s after just a decade.

    They must put something in the water in Cuba.

  2. I just hope the poor people of Cuba can continue to struggle. Against authority and the state.

    Its rather demeaning to those who actually fought, however naively, for Castro, to describe the ossified, conservative, totalitarian state as ‘revolutionary’.

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