Say it Brother!

As for the families of those innocent civilians, they will no doubt be thrilled to get "closure" for their years of grief in the form of a cheque in the post from the government – if I may suggest an added touch of malice, why not get it countersigned by the Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, just for added \’fuck you\’ value? – but I still can\’t help wondering exactly why it\’s my responsibility to pay for this. A worthy cause, no doubt; but if they\’re so committed to peace and reconciliation, why not get Sinn Fein to have a whip-round in the dingy republican bars of Boston to compensate the daughters of Erin for all the sons who never came home?

2 thoughts on “Say it Brother!”

  1. Absolutely. Not a word wrong, including the invective.;-)

    And if anyone should have whip-round, it’s the Catholic & Protestant churches.

  2. What a gross insult to the families of the innocent victims. It would have been better if they had left well alone and there was no compensation scheme at all.

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