Serious Farce Office

So, we\’ve got something called the Serious Fraud Office. They investigate financial crimes.

Very important, of course. Stuffed full of the finest forensic accounting brains our nation can produce. Of course.

Serious Fraud Office asks for £15m to cover \’urgent\’ hole in budget

Mhm, hmm. They cannot even manage their own budget. Fills one with confidence at their ability to investigate those of others, no?

2 thoughts on “Serious Farce Office”

  1. Actually this is fairly standard, the SFO only budgets for a certain case load (about 100 cases in total but only about 45% would be actioned at one time due to resource issues and legal system hold-ups). If other agencies refer more case work in and the Director and AG believe it is right for the SFO to work on those cases then this would cause a budget shortfall, it has happened several times, it is not a problem with internal accounting.

  2. Funny isn’t it when we’re in the biggest financial black hole since the Great |Depression and Coporate Crime is on the increase. We have Governments than rather take on the spivs, city gent crooks and fraudsters. They pursue the poor ironic isn’t it rather than go after those who casued the crash , our governments pursue the victims. So the likes of fraudsters and charlatans can get away with it because our Government doesnt think ‘white collar crime’ a serious problem. But rather pursues ‘benefit fraudsters’.

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