And, yes, we\’re back!

And as we come back I find that Microsoft has actually released some interesting and useful software.

When the vocals of famous songs are run through the software, the backing tracks it adds are so unlikely that the end results often turn out as surreal reinventions of the originals.

Dozens of Songsmith reinterpretations have been posted on YouTube, including a hillbilly version of Billy Idol\’s White Wedding, The Beatles classic Sgt Pepper\’s Lonely Hearts Club Band as if performed by a plodding hotel quartet, and a techno take on Wonderwall by Oasis.

Many of the videos have been viewed more than a hundred thousand times. The reaction from commenters has been mixed, with most appreciating the absurdity of SongSmith\’s efforts while others protest the "massacring" of their favourite tracks.

Truly interesting and useful software.



5 thoughts on “SongSmith”

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  2. I’m afraid I can’t comment on the musical effect. After about 15 seconds of Billy Idol’s face, I had to turn it off. Either that or destroy my monitor.

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