Support the occupations

I\’m not all that sure I do support the occupations. The US in Iraq, Israel in the West Bank, not sure that I do. Not sure that I don\’t either, for I steer well clear of Middle East issues.

But I do have to admit a touch of surprise at seeing Lenin supporting illegal occupations. He\’s always struck me as being rather against that sort of thing.


6 thoughts on “Support the occupations”

  1. Someone who names themselves after Lenin- as Seymour, Dick does- presumably endorses Russia’s imperial occupation of the Ukraine, the Caucuses and Central Asia.

  2. Are we still occupying Iraq? I thought the US, UK etc are currently there with the permission of the Iraqi government, i.e. similar to the ongoing “occupations” in Germany and Japan.

  3. I was at Sussex University in 1968. It was full of children from comfortable homes pretending to be Marxist-Leninists, Trotskyites, and the like. One of them, an American named Mike Klein, threw a pot of red paint over a visiting right-wing politician, so preventing him from speaking in a debate.

    I wrote a weekly column in the student paper; in this I observed that Mr Klein was lucky not to have been prosecuted. He would have been fined and made to pay compensation, but more than this, he would have been on the first TWA 747 back to the USA. Very soon thereafter he would have been drafted and, as I wrote, “get his botty badly burned in Vietnam.”

    We heard nothing more from Mr Klein.

    These nitwits at Nottingham and elsewhere know nothing about the world. I suggest they should, severally and collectively, be billed for whatever sum their protests have cost the taxpayer.

  4. Isn’t anyone struck by the utter fatuity of a bunch of Leftist adolescents thinking that doing a sit-in at Nottingham University is somehow going to affect the security policy of a sovereign, and foreign, country? What a bunch of (terrorist supporting) idiots.

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