That didn\’t take long

As Mr Obama and his young family moved into a luxury hotel opposite the White House, it was announced that Bill Richardson, his nominee for commerce secretary, was stepping down amid allegations of wrongdoing.

A federal grand jury in New Mexico is investigating accusations that Mr Richardson, the state\’s governor, gave lucrative contracts to a California financier because he contributed more than $100,000 (£62,000) to the governor\’s political funds.

In a statement, Mr Richardson protested his innocence but "concluded that the ongoing investigation also would have forced an untenable delay in the confirmation process".

Not even had the inauguration yet and already we have the first scandal.

It could be interesting over the next few years. Was Bush uniquely "corrupt"? The Republicans? Or are we simply going to see the same from the other half of America\’s political class?

6 thoughts on “That didn\’t take long”

  1. The real corruption in American politics is that the mainstream media post-Watergate see it as their job to find some dirt, or something that can be construed as dirt, on any Republican candidate and almost any Democratic candidate (apart from the Unicorn Rider-elect) for elective or appointive office. Not that there’s not real corruption – vide Illinois and New Orleans – but the legacy of Bernstein and Woodward in injecting paranoia and hypocrisy into the political process has been almost wholly bad for politics and society.

  2. JFK was lauded as a young, saintly president with a picture perfect family. But the truth about the serial shagger was brutally different. Hmmmmm. Grassy knolls anyone?

  3. Blagojevich is hardly an *Obama* scandal, given that the man has no links at all to the incoming administration (whereas Richardson, err, does).

    Strongly inclined to agree with Chris though. In general, it’s far better to have politicians allowed to shag hookers and take the occasional bribe as long as it doesn’t get ridiculous, rather than deter everyone who might be any good from the profession in favour of virtuous morons like Ruth Kelly, Jacqui Smith, etc…

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