The Mssrs. of the new economics foundation

The report, Tackling Climate Change, Reducing Poverty, says that the poor are likely to be worst affected by rising temperatures because they tend to live in less energy-efficient housing, have less access to insurance against floods, and have less money to adapt to higher prices of fuel and food. The authors of the study, by Oxfam and the New Economics Foundation, base their findings on work by organisations including Friends of the Earth.

Hmm, that\’s interesting, isn\’t it?

The new economics foundation seems to think that rising temperatures will create a greater demand for the heating of houses.

It\’s amazing how interesting the results from "new economics" as compared to the old can be.

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  1. The climate models say that warming will happen predominantly at high latitudes, at night, in winter, so Tim wins. Mind you, the models are tosh.

  2. IF you jack up fuel costs massively through “green” taxes, the poor *are* worst affected, disproportionately to any fall in their need for actual heating. And they’ll probably want to cook and have light too – ecocidal bastards that they are.

  3. The poor would surely want more energy efficient housing so as to mitigate the effects of having more expensive fuel/energy in the future is I think the point they’re making.

  4. I was interested to find this blog. 20 years ago I had a book published on different economic concepts to point the way to a sustainable world economy. Someone who liked the book contacted me this year to suggest that I update and re-publish it as a blog. She set up the blog, and the book is now complete on the blog in a series of postings. There are now also additional pieces on global warming and other subjects. Here is the link:

    With all good wishes,
    Charles Pierce

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