Have a look at what Europe, the European Union and the European Parliament are really like.

If we don\’t like your views we won\’t let you say them.

2 thoughts on “Ticap”

  1. 2 main free speech issues at present:
    (1) Mr Wilders is to be prosecuted in Holland for his film which spoke negatively of Islam;
    (2) Clause 58 of the Coroners and Justice Bill 2009 which, despite its title, makes it possible for anyone to be prosecuted who speaks ill of homosexuality.

    Freespeechers of all kinds to come out in support of freedom on both issues? UKIP?

  2. Wilders is being prosecuted on a whim. I have yet to see any explanation of which law he actually broke. He made a film of direct quotes and video extracts of verifiable scriptures and events. All were already in the public domain.

    He incited no-one to break the law. The court’s decision seems to be based on the assertion that some people felt the film insulted their religion.

    Yet that same religion enshrines doctrines which are full of gross insults against every other religion. (Not to mention the encouragement of violence.)

    This has all the hallmarks of the persecution of Ezra Levant, who memorably observed that the process (trial) is the punishment. He was exonerated after they forced him to spend a small fortune on his legal fees.

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