Trade idiocy

Most sad this.

China, India and Brazil all vaulted ahead of Mexico, following a much less orthodox set of policies that would be illegal for Mexico under Nafta.

Mhm, hmm.

Brazil at 64 in GDP per capita at PPP (ie, after taking account of different price levels), China at 83, India at 112 (with a staggering $3,452 per head) vaulted past Mexico at number 57 on $10,750.


as cheap imports of corn and other commodities flooded the newly liberalised market.

My God, the capitalist bastards! How could they? Cheap food for the masses, such a corruption of everything that is holy and pure, right?

And this is published in a newspaper that was specifically set up to campaign against the Corn Laws?


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  1. “Amazing” implies that you were astonished at the Guardian’s being ignorant and stupid. You wouldn’t be if you read the blog written by that Worstall chappy.

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