So I\’m trying to track my passport application.

So I go to the website that allows you to check on such things.

Right hand margin here.

Guess what, the security certificate for the site is out of date/refers to another site.

And guess what? These are the bozos who will be running the identity card system.

9 thoughts on “Unbloodybelievable”

  1. Yes well – the cert is for http://www.ips.gov.uk while somebody has built the website (or at least the link you tried to click) with a domain of just ips.gov.uk – which is an easy mistake to make. But it is odd that this wasn’t spotted before deployment!
    Also the cert expires on 4th Feb, so it will be interesting to see if it is renewed in time…

  2. At least you didn’t have to go to the wonderfully creepy interrogation interview centre at Nuñez Elephant and Castle that applicants for first passports have to go to before you can get one. This is a dress rehearsal for what everyone will have to go through when they bring in the ID cards, but for now it is merely for teenagers and newly naturalised immigrants.

  3. Having just got some of our family passports back after renewal, I have to say, in fairness, that the evil statist bozos are quicker evil statist bozos than they used to be. But maybe that’s because I am worthy and you are not.

    Off topic: Tim, why can I never reach this website in the mornings?

  4. Tim, I have the same problem Natalie’s having, most mornings (although not this morning, handily) I get a weird database error or a “not found”

    On Topic: The certificate being incorrect and nearly out of date isn’t really a surprise, is it?

  5. If you’re in a hurry, go their ‘Premium Fast Track’ 1 day service. You have to make an appointment and it’s expensive, but works a treat.

    Re Off Topic: Ditto! Why is that? (am in France right now)

    Tim adds> Premium faast track is only available to those with new passports, not to those with more than about 4 years old.

    As to hte site, still having server problems.

  6. Tim: re Premium Fast Track

    Are you sure? A couple of years ago I arranged to renew my employer’s passport, my son’s, and my partner’s, none of which were new and all of which were older than 4 years. On the other hand, maybe it was too easy so they changed the rules.:-(

  7. Any web monkey worth his salt would know you can get an SSL cert that authenticates domain as well as www.domain. DigiCert offer one such for $144 a year. It uses the Subject Alternative Name field in the X509 certificate.

    But given that most government IT projects look like they’ve got the work experience boy to be the sysadmin, it’s hardly surprising no-one seems to be aware of this.

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